The 11 must-read moments from Trump campaign adviser Carter Page’s Russia testimony

The House Intelligence Committee on Monday released a transcript of its interview with Carter Page, a former campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, that reveals a man scrambling to stay on track.

Page’s testimony supports claims that he alerted other Trump staffers of his trip to Moscow during the election, confirmed some of the information in the infamous Steele dossier, and verified that he met with agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on several occasions.

Page did not have a lawyer present with him during the interview as he decided to represent himself.

Here are some of the off-the-wall things that were said in the interview.

1) Page says he never met Trump

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2) Rep. Trey Gowdy has no idea what Page did for the Trump campaign

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3) Page insists he has never spoken with Trump—not even on Snapchat

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4) Page says campaign staffers approved his 2016 Russia trip

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5) Rep. Adam Schiff asks Page about him invoking the Fifth Amendment, which Page appears to not understand

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6) Page really doesn’t want his contact information made public

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7) Page says he sent a memo where a Russian government official express “strong support” for Trump

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8) Page says he is not “thoroughly convinced” Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election

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9) Gowdy asked Page if he was a “birther” when it came to Russian interference in the 2016 election

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10) Page says the allegations in the Steele dossier impacted the 2016 election more than Russia’s social media interference

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11) Page says campaign adviser Sam Clovis—who encouraged George Papadopoulos, a campaign adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, to meet with Russian officials—asked him to sign a non-disclosure agreement

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You can read the entire transcript of Carter Page’s interview here.

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What’s all the panic about?

Bitcoin dropped to 16.5 k today. 16.5 k people … everyone is running around like their mane is on fire. I’ve only been on the HODL train for a little over a few months and this sub has persuaded me to expect and not worry about immerses like this. It’s only been a month for me and I’m not panicked, why is everyone else?

I was bracing for plunges down to 11 or 12 k. We’re up here poising around 17 k and behaving like the world is going to end.

Coinbase isn’t a big deal, BCH isn’t a big deal. Bitcoin has examined worse and continues to grow, I for one will be buying this immerse, because BCH isn’t the gold touchstone for Crypto Currency. Bitcoin is.

Edit: I slept on this, and realise this morning that maybe it isn’t all terror, it’s just calling a spade a spade. There isn’t necessarily a ton of panic selling, but principally calling Coinbase on their BS. Which, is a good thought. Here i am little regulation to hold them accountable, so their customers have to. I’ll still emphasizes not to panic and to keep on HODLing, but, we can also do that while calling out some shady business tactics.

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Sixty free teaches from Princeton on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Total day 13 hr 20 min. Connections in post.

This video series is available with a community and some works on Coursera . For extra creddit the professors wrote a volume to go with such courses. Free pre-release pdf ,~ ATAGEND Amazon hardcover and digital ,~ ATAGEND as well as Chinese ,~ ATAGEND and Japanese translations.

Enjoy 🙂

Intro to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies

1. 0 Welcome – 2 mins
1. 1 Cryptographic Hash Functions – 18 mins
1. 2 Hash Arrow and Data Structures – 8 mins
1. 3 Digital Signatures – 9 mins
1. 4 Public Keys as Identities – 5 mins
1. 5 A Simple Cryptocurrency – 14 mins

How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization

2. 1 Centralization vs. Decentralization – 4 mins
2. 2 Distributed Conesensus – 13 mins
2. 3 Consensus Without Identity: the Blockchain – 17 mins
2. 4 Incentives and Proof of Work – 19 mins
2. 5 Putting It All Together – 18 mins

Mechanics of Bitcoin

3. 1 Bitcoin Transactions – 11 mins
3. 2 Bitcoin Scripts – 15 mins
3. 3 Applications of Bitcoin Scripts – 14 mins
3. 4 Bitcoin Blocks – 5 mins
3. 5 The Bitcoin Network – 18 mins
3. 6 Restraint& Improvements – 11 mins

How to Store and Use Bitcoin

4. 1 How to Store and Use Bitcoins – 6 mins
4. 2 Hot and Cold Storage – 13 mins
4. 3 Splitting and Sharing Keys – 11 mins
4. 4 Online Wallet and Exchanges – 19 mins
4. 5 Payment Assistance – 8 mins
4. 6 Transaction Fees – 5 mins
4. 7 Currency Exchange Markets – 16 mins

Bitcoin Mining

5. 1 The Undertaking of Bitcoin Miners – 10 mins
5. 2 Mining Hardware – 23 mins
5. 3 Energy Consumption& Ecology – 14 mins
5. 4 Mining Pools – 14 mins
5. 5 Quarrying Motivations and Strategies – 23 mins

Bitcoin and Anonymity

6. 1 Anonymity Basics – 26 mins
6. 2 How to De-anonymize Bitcoin – 18 mins
6. 3 Mingling – 21 mins
6. 4 Decentralized Mixing – 14 mins
6. 5 Zerocoin and Zerocash – 19 mins
6. 6 Tor and the Silk Road – 11 mins

Community, Politics, and Regulation

7. 1 Consensus in Bitcoin – 6 mins
7. 2 Bitcoin Core Software – 10 mins
7. 3 Stakeholders: Who’s in Charge – 9 mins
7. 4 Roots of Bitcoin – 9 mins
7. 5 Authorities Notice Bitcoin – 9 mins
7. 6 Anti Money-Laundering – 5 mins
7. 7 Regulation – 11 mins
7. 8 New York’s BitLicense Proposal – 10 mins

Alternative Mining Puzzles

8. 1 Critical Puzzle Requirements – 5 mins
8. 2 ASIC Resistant Puzzles – 13 mins
8. 3 Proof-of-useful-work – 9 mins
8. 4 Nonoutsourceable Puzzles – 7
8. 5 Proof-of-Stake “Virtual Mining” – 8 mins

Bitcoin as a Platform

9. 1 Bitcoin as an Append-Only Log – 16 mins
9. 2 Bitcoin as Smart Property – 16 mins
9. 3 Secure Multi-Party Lotteries in Bitcoin – 10 mins
9. 4 Bitcoin as Randomness Source – 18 mins
9. 5 Prediction Markets& Real-World Data Feeds – 23 mins

Altcoins and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

10. 1 Short Biography of Altcoins – 21 mins
10. 2 Interaction Between Bitcoin and Altcoins – 15 mins
10. 3 Lifecycle of an Altcoin – 15 mins
10. 4 Bitcoin-Backed Altcoins, “Side Chains” – 11 mins

The Fututre of Bitcoin?

11. 1 The Blockchain as a Vehicle for Decentralization – 14 mins
11. 2 Itinerary to Blockchain Integration – 28 mins
11. 3 What Can We Decentralize? – 24 mins
11. 4 When is Decentralization a Good Idea? – 16 mins

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Trump retweets Diamond and Silk, slams NFL protesters


President Donald Trump made time to tweet this Thanksgiving weekend.

On Thursday, he promoted a video on Twitter from pro-Trump YouTube stars Diamond and Silk intended as a guide for “how to reply when someone mentions the president at Thanksgiving.” The Black comedians were found to have been paid by the Trump campaign, despite Trump publicly denying that they were last year, and they’ve continued as media surrogates.

In their Thanksgiving video, the duo constructs a bit around a catch-all answer to political discord at the holiday table: “He’s Yo President.”

On Friday, Trump blasted the NFL for allowing player protests during the national anthem, revisiting a long-simmering culture war among American fans.

“Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players. The Commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. Players are the boss!” he tweeted. New York Giant Olivier Vernon took a knee prior to Thursday night’s game.

The league maintains it has no such plans to penalize players for kneeling.

Trump is at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort on Friday and plans to play golf with Tiger Woods at the National Golf Club.

H/T the Hill

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[?] Lightning Network Megathread [?]

Last updated 2018 -0 1-29

This post is a collaboration with the Bitcoin community to create a one-stop source for Lightning Network information.

There are still questions in the FAQ that are unanswered, if you know the answer and can provide a source please do so!

[?] What is the Lightning Network? [?]


Lightning Network Lightning Labs Lightning FAQ – Audun Gulbrandsen Lightning FAQ – Rusty Russell Rusty Russell’s Coding Blog
Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Mastering Bitcoin Elizabeth Stark – What is the Lightning Network BitMEX – The Lightning Network / u/ billycoin – Practical use examples @patestevao Lightning Series Infographic – What is a multisig purse @patestevao Lightning Series Infographic – What are the bitcoin timelocks @patestevao Lightning Series Infographic – Lightning – part 1 – payment canals @patestevao Lightning Series Infographic – Lightning – part 2 – shaping the network @patestevao Lightning Series Infographic – Lightning – part 3 – becoming off chain Lightning Network White Paper – The protocol has changed because this original newspaper, but covers the mid-level auto-mechanics of the Lightning Network with an emphasis on the smart contracts that make it trustless Lightning Network Summary Lightning Network Technical Summary Lightning Network Specification Deployable Lightning White Paper Scalable Funding of Bitcoin Micropayment Channel Networks Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, Simply Clarified !~ ATAGEND[ 5:33] The Lightning Network Explained( Litecoin/ Bitcoin ) [8: 13] Zap: Lightning Network Wallet( Jack Mallers – Demo Walkthrough)[ 3:38] Cross-Implementation Lightning Payment on Bitcoin’s Mainnet( Laolu( a.k.a roasbeef) – Demo)[ 2:51] Bitcoin Q& A: The Lightning Network( Andreas Antonopoulos)[ 7:55] Lightning Network Deep Dive with Laolu “Roasbeef” Osuntokun[ 48:10] SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar: Scaling Bitcoin to Billions of Transactions Per Day[ 54:40] Bitcoin, Lightning, and Streaming Money( Andreas Antonopoulos)[ 27:38] Bitcoin Q& A: Running nodes and remittance paths( Andreas Antonopoulos)[ 10:14] Lightning Network Tech Talk at Coinbase( Thaddeus Dryja and Joseph Poon)[ 58:11] Elizabeth Stark – Lightning and the Importance of Layer Two[ 14:15] / u/ starkbot -( Elizabeth Stark – Lightning Labs) / u/ roasbeef -( Olaoluwa Osuntokun – Lightning Labs) / u/ stile6 5 -( Alex Akselrod – Lightning Labs) / u/ cfromknecht -( Conner Fromknecht – Lightning Labs) / u/ RustyReddit -( Rusty Russell – Blockstream) / u/ cdecker -( Christian Decker – Blockstream)
/ u/ Dryja -( Tadge Dryja – Digital Currency Initiative) / u/ josephpoon -( Joseph Poon) / u/ fdrn -( Fabrice Drouin – ACINQ) / u/ pmpadiou -( Pierre-Marie Padiou – ACINQ) @starkness -( Elizabeth Stark – Lightning Labs) @roasbeef -( Olaoluwa Osuntokun – Lightning Labs) @stile65 -( Alex Akselrod – Lightning Labs) @bitconner -( Conner Fromknecht – Lightning Labs) @johanth -( Johan Halseth – Lightning Labs) @bvu -( Bryan Vu – Lightning Labs) @rusty_twit -( Rusty Russell – Blockstream) @snyke -( Christian Decker – Blockstream) @JackMallers -( Jack Mallers – Zap) @tdryja -( Tadge Dryja – Digital Currency Initiative) @jcp -( Joseph Poon) @alexbosworth -( Alex Bosworth – Announcements relevant to interoperability Lightning Riches Lightning FAQ Lightning Network Explorer Bitcoin Lightning Network — 7 Events You Should Know A Primer to The Lightning Network( Part 1 )( Part 2 )( Part 3 ) A Scale Free and Private Lightning Network Lightning Network Bitcoin Wiki Hashed Timelock Contracts LN as a Directed Graph; Single-Funded Channel Topology( Slides) How to Do “2-of- 3 Multisig Contract” Equivalent on Lightning( From LN Mailing List) Mastering Bitcoin, 2nd Edition Owning Bitcoin lightning-app – Cross-platform Lightning Desktop Application lnd-gui – Lightning MacOS GUI Wallet eclair-node-gui – Cross-platform desktop GUI for Lightning zap-desktop – Lightning Network desktop application lncli-web – Light-weight web patron for the lnd daemon written in NodeJS/ Angular lnd-chrome-extension kugelblitz – A simple UI for the c-lightning daemon lightningd and bitcoind Install bitcoind+ lnd Develop an be applied in bitcoind and lnd Setting up and Testing LND with the Testnet Lightning Faucet Setting up a neighbourhood Lightning cluster Using the LND Web Client Using the LND gRPC Client Integrating Lightning into a server-side web application How to use a Python gRPC Client with LND How to use a Javascript gRPC Client with LND HTLC Web Lightning Wallet
Eclair wallet( for android ) Eclair( Linux, macOS, Windows ) Zap wallet( Linux, macOS, Windows ) lightning-app – Cross-platform Lightning Desktop Application lnwalletAndroid Wallet based on eclair Y’alls – Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments. Starblocks – Grab a Blockaccino! BitrefillBitrefill LN Site – Top up prepaid mobile phones Lightning Gem – Game employing Lightning Network Testnet ZigZag – Disclaimer You must trust ZigZag communicated to Target Address Jack Mallers Paying with LN – Instant Payment, 0 Costs. Alex Bosworth compensating with LN – Instant Payment, 0 Costs. TorGuard consents MainNet Pays – They will too cover loss of stores Coffee Purchasing expending Lightning My First Mainnet Lightning Network Payment Lightning Network Physical Purchase of VPN Router Lightning cross-chain swap from Bitcoin to Litecoin !~ ATAGEND Instant Cross-Chain Transactions On Lightning Lightning Overview LND Developers Site LND Developer Guide LND API Reference Rusty Russell’s BOLT Blog Series LND – Lightning Network Daemon( Golang)
eclair – A Scala implementation of the Lightning Network( Scala)
c-lightning – A Lightning Network its application in C
lit – Lightning Network node software( Golang)
lightning-onion – Onion Routed Micropayments for the Lightning Network( Golang)
lightning-integration – Lightning Integration Testing Framework
ptarmigan – C ++ BOLT-Compliant Lightning Network Implementation[ Incomplete]
lightning-integration – Lightning Integration Testing Framework lightning-charge – A simple drop-in mixture for countenancing lightning fees( Javascript) lightning-charge-client-js – JavaScript client for lightning-charge lightning-charge-client-php – PHP client for lightning-charge lightning-payencode – Minimal QR-code-ready encoding for requesting lightning fees lseed – A DNS seed for the Lightning Network woocommerce-gateway-lightning – A WooCommerce gateway for lightning payments lnrpc-client – Javascript RPC Client for LND ln-service – Lightning REST Service ACINQ Testnet Explorer for Lightning Recksplorer – LN Mainnet map Bitcoin Exchange Rate – LN Mainnet Map Robtex Explorer BTCPay – Next stable version will be incorporated in Lightning Network Lightning Blog for lnd Lightning Labs Twitter Feed Lightning Labs Blog Lightning Network Mailing List Lightning Network Podcasts LND Community Slack – Invite Needed #lightning-dev( on Freenode) – Lightning protocol development Channel Archive #lnd – Channel for lnd growth that also has a bot for github commits. https ://
LN Mainnet DiscordWarning – Testing should be done on Testnet Lightning Emoji [?] lightning-faucet – A faucet for the Lightning Network ln-dice – Dice gambling busines utilizing the Lightning Network for situates and retractions ln-tip-slack – Lightning Slack Tipbot lightning-cat – Cat visualizes via Lightning