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Don’t panic, merely hear. Sixty free chides from Princeton on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Total era 13 hr 20 min. Associates in berth.

This video series is available with their home communities and some jobs on Coursera . For extra creddit the profs wrote a volume to go with the course. Free pre-release pdf ,~ ATAGEND Amazon hardcover and digital ,~ ATAGEND as well as Chinese ,~ ATAGEND and Japanese translations. Enjoy 🙂 Intro to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies 1. 0 Welcome – 2 mins 1. 1 Cryptographic Hash Functions – 18 mins 1. 2 Hash Cursor and Data Structures – 8 mins 1. 3 Digital Signatures – 9 mins 1. […]

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6 Insane Health Scares You Never Learned About In School

As we’ve previously discussed, history has played host to a range of terrifying diseases that did their business, crippled some populations, and then straight-up vanished in the messy aftermath. The stories we presented were so astoundingly grotesque that they shook Snoop Dogg to his very core. Snoop Dogg/Facebook So let’s do it again, shall we? 6 “Franken Berry Stool” Turned Kids Poop Pink In The 1970s In 1971, the high-stakes world of cereal mascoting was rendered asunder by the arrival of Franken Berry — a cereal which, […]

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Your next car will be hacked. Will autonomous vehicles be worth it?

Self-driving cars could cut road deaths by 80%, but without better security they put us at risk of car hacking and even ransoms, experts at SXSW say Youre about to drive to work. You turn on the ignition and a message on the dash lights up. Weve hacked your car! Pay 10 bitcoin to get it back. Hacking into software and then demanding a ransom to release it whats known as ransomware is not new. Finnish security expert Mikko Hypponen fully expects it to become a reality […]

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10 circumstances I care someone had told me when I was memorizing to trade crypto

While I ponder myself an amateur trader and a small-scale investor, over the 2+ years of trading crypto I’ve learned some things I’d like to share with you all, but primarily with those who are making their first steps into the uncharted cryptoland. Just as with anything else in life, trading cryptocurrencies is context dependent. That means you should remain a health sceptic about general truths, universal rules and concepts that “everyone knows”. Examine the far-famed “buy low-spirited sell high” dictum. The description of high and low […]

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What’s all the panic about?

Bitcoin dropped to 16.5 k today. 16.5 k people … everyone is running around like their fuzz is on fire. I’ve only been on the HODL train for a little over a few months and this sub has convinced me to expect and not expresses concern about plunges like this. It’s only been a month for me and I’m not panicked, why is everyone else? I was bracing for plunges down to 11 or 12 k. We’re up here hovering around 17 k and behaving like the […]

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InfoWars host responds to girl who called him a ‘f**king idiot’

InfoWars mouthpiece Owen Shroyer wants everyone to know: The young child who called him a “fucking idiot” definitely didn’t defeat him in a debate—even though no one thought that was the case. The internet sparked up earlier this week when a video surfaced of a teenage girl being interviewed by Shroyer calling him a “fucking idiot” after he stopped her to do one of InfoWars’ infamous man-on-the-street interviews where they intentionally antagonize “leftists.”  “All my friends are seeing this now, this clip for whatever reason has reached […]

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