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Malta’s First Bitcoin ATM Triggers Warning From Financial Services Authority

Malta’s financial regulator has issued a warning aimed to deter cryptocurrency adoption following the installation of the Malta’s first bitcoin ATM. Although the statement asserts that bitcoin is not regulated or authorized, it does not make threats against those who choose to use cryptocurrency. Also Read: Malta Entrepreneur Installs Nation’s First Cryptocurrency ATM The Media Coverage Garnered by the Nation’s First Bitcoin ATM Has Prompted Malta’s Regulators to Issue a Warning to Prospective Cryptocurrency Users The installation of Malta’s first bitcoin ATM garnered significant local and international […]

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Kosovo Gets Bitcoin ATM Despite Central Bank’s Warning

Soon after the central bank issued a warning about digital currencies including bitcoin, Kosovo sees several signs of rising bitcoin adoption, including its first Bitcoin ATM. Also read: 13 Japanese Exchanges Agree to Suspend Bitcoin Service on August 1 First Bitcoin ATM Arrives in Kosovo This week, local publications reported that the first Bitcoin ATM (BTM) has arrived in the Balkan country of Kosovo. The newspaper Telegrafi described: This ATM is expected to provide some of the most commonly used virtual coins such as ether, dash, bitcoin, litecoin and doge. […]

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A Look at the Bitcoin Apps Being Built Using the Lightning Network

On June 5 the Lightning Network Community published a blog post about the emerging developer ecosystem being built around the ‘Lnd’ Lightning Network infrastructure and the many applications being constructed using the codebase. The post revealed some tipping bots, a Mac GUI wallet, and other types of platforms modeled with the alpha release of Lnd. Also read: Diane Reynolds: `Lightning Network Will Maintain Decentralization´ New Bitcoin Applications Built Using the Lightning Network Alpha Codebase This past January Bitcoin.com reported on the Lightning Network alpha release which is a full implementation […]

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