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OpenBazaar launches version 1.0 with aims to become the ‘uncensored’ Amazon

What started two years ago as a free and dark online market meant to be untouchable by policehas evolved into one of Bitcoin‘s most highly-anticipated and well-funded projects of all time. Today, OpenBazaar officially launched version 1.0, bringing to rest years of speculation about the high-profile venture. OpenBazaar’s debut follows two years of development and beta testing that has produced something markedly different than what began as an effort to build the heir to the famous Dark Net market Silk Road. Instead, what’s launcheda year lateis a […]

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Cop charged with stealing $820K from Silk Road is trying to run, prosecutors claim

After his admitted reign as a corrupt Dark Net cop came crashing down, former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges says he found himself in the crosshairs of identity thieves, car thieves, and the prosecution. Now, prosecutors claim, Bridges is trying to flee justice. Bridges was a member of the Electronic Crimes Task Force when, police say, he stole $820,000 worth of bitcoins during the investigation into the Dark Net black market Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht, the markets convicted creator, who is now serving two life sentences […]

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