What’s all the panic about?

Bitcoin dropped to 16.5 k today. 16.5 k people … everyone is running around like their mane is on fire. I’ve only been on the HODL train for a little over a few months and this sub has persuaded me to expect and not worry about immerses like this. It’s only been a month for me and I’m not panicked, why is everyone else?

I was bracing for plunges down to 11 or 12 k. We’re up here poising around 17 k and behaving like the world is going to end.

Coinbase isn’t a big deal, BCH isn’t a big deal. Bitcoin has examined worse and continues to grow, I for one will be buying this immerse, because BCH isn’t the gold touchstone for Crypto Currency. Bitcoin is.

Edit: I slept on this, and realise this morning that maybe it isn’t all terror, it’s just calling a spade a spade. There isn’t necessarily a ton of panic selling, but principally calling Coinbase on their BS. Which, is a good thought. Here i am little regulation to hold them accountable, so their customers have to. I’ll still emphasizes not to panic and to keep on HODLing, but, we can also do that while calling out some shady business tactics.

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